St John's Wood, London 

3 Bedroom · Late Edwardian · Refurbishment

This St John’s Wood property is as vibrant as the city in which it is located. The project is a block-coloured haven of geometric design, with Mid-Century modern silhouettes in one of London’s most desirable locations.

A combination of eras, the scheme throws-back to an Art Deco world of cocktail lounges and golden accents, a jewel of a refurbishment in a late-Edwardian build. The property is strikingly bright, aided by the design studio’s decision to return its ceilings to their original Edwardian proportions and the addition of a large circular mirror to bounce light around the space. Under these high ceilings, natural textures contorted into chic pieces of furniture work together to create a bold unity about the home. The natural tactility of a bespoke axed wood console unit and a charred timber drinks cabinet come together in their bronze casting, while sumptuous leather armchairs contrast with a twisted golden table lamp.

Brian and his design team worked closely with craftsmen to design and create functional and beautiful pieces of furniture suitable for everyday use and entertaining. Every aspect of this home has been carefully curated, from the lighting design to the colour selections.