Surin Heights, Thailand

3 bed · 4 bath · complete REFURBISHMENT

This Thailand refurbishment features bold primary colours to create a fresh, modern home with a playful feel. By artfully manipulating colour, geometric design and works of art, the design studio has turned this luxurious pad into a place of true relaxation.

Complete with an outdoor pagoda lounge area, infinity swimming pool and sun bathing patio, this home blurs the line between interior and exterior design. The bedrooms and living room feature floor to ceiling windows to create an airy living space, with a fluidity between the rooms and outside areas.

The colour choices made by the design team provide a simple, bright and pleasing aesthetic. Yellow chairs in the dining room tie in with a yolk-ish pendant light hanging above the table, but this tone is deliberate. The sunshine hue elaborates on the golden, grainy wooden unit, allowing both the contrived and natural colours to pop.

Dramatic four-poster beds give the bedrooms an understated grandeur, and a contemporary design flair. The block-colouring throughout keeps the house grounded while maintaining its subtle humour and welcoming feel. This atmosphere is also channelled through an eclectic selection of art warming against the white-washed walls.