Culture, Arts and Leisure

When it comes to a new book, podcast, film, TV series or restaurant, a tried and tested recommendation from a valued source is always best. When they’re not busy in the Designed by Woulfe studio, our discerning team can be found indulging their interests in food, art, theatre, music and entertainment. Here you’ll find our curated list of favourites on all of the aforementioned to enhance your cultural knowledge.

Brian's picks.

From kitchen gadgets to the design books currently on Brian’s coffee table, here’s a curated list of our Managing Director’s latest obsessions. This evolving directory of quirky gift ideas, objets d’art, collectibles and curiosities will be sure to inspire a purchase, or two!

An image from the show The World's Most Extraordinary Homes.

Serving up a good dose of escapism at a time when it’s needed the most, we’re sharing our pick of the best interiors and property shows. Makeovers, masterclasses, life-hacks and decluttering tips, there’s plenty here to inspire you.

An image promoting The National Theatre Live production of Antony & Cleopatra by William Shakespeare.

Luckily for us, cultural institutions are opening their doors to the internet so that we can be educated and entertained from across the globe. Watch the Metropolitan Opera perform Carmen in your pyjamas, or pick up some acting tips from none other than Dame Helen Mirren - there's plenty to explore online.

An image from the BBC Drama Series The Split

Now that staying in is the new going out, we’ve called on some of our trusted clients and friends for their recommendations on how to make the new normal a bit more bearable. We all need a bit of healthy distraction from the news every now and again, so we’re sharing binge-worthy TV shows, books to bury your head in and podcasts to help you fill your time. We’ve also thrown in a few design pieces to make the Netflix and chilling more cosy.

cardboard box full of vegetables

As many of us have more time to spend in the kitchen, we’ve also curated a list of our favourite food suppliers, if there was ever a time to support sustainable producers and local businesses, it’s now. From farm-fresh fruit and vegetables to grass-fed meat that's perfect for Easter, these ingredients will inspire you to sharpen your cooking skills.