A Well-Stocked Quarantine Kitchen

A Well-Stocked Quarantine Kitchen

While doing the weekly shop during the Covid-19 pandemic may seem like a stressful and anxiety-inducing task at the moment, it also gives us the opportunity to take a moment to pause and reflect on our food choices. Where are we sourcing our foods from? Can we be more sustainable with our choices? Can we reduce our food waste? Can we be more supportive of small businesses, farmers and producers?

Many of us have a little extra time on our hands, and the need to look for alternatives to our local supermarket has made us aware that it is possible to make decisions that are healthier for ourselves, the planet and the economy.

From organic vegetable box deliveries to wholesalers that supply top restaurants now going direct to consumers, there are many options for fresh, artisan and luxury produce deliveries.

Now is the time to keep supporting producers while enjoying our favourite foods in the comfort and safety of our own homes, and brushing up on our cooking skills while we’re at it. It’s allowing us the chance to fall in love with eating more seasonal ingredients while connecting with the purveyors of our food and gaining better insight into the journey from crop to kitchen - our grandparents would be proud! Read on for our recommendations...

cardboard box full of vegetables


For fantastic, seasonal, farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, we love Abel & Cole, Oddbox and CrowdFarming, who go a step further by only harvesting on demand.

While it seems Easter has been hijacked this year, we’ll still be enjoying a leg of lamb at home while facetiming the family. The Ethical Butcher is our meat supplier of choice. All produce is organic and comes from regenerative British farms. The lamb box is perfect for Springtime feasting - clear some freezer space and dust off the barbeque!

Box ethical butcher


We’re putting the money saved by not going out towards a glorious delivery of natural wines from Natural Born Wine. Less sulfites means less of a headache the next day.

Potage is an online pantry stocking everything from handmade granola and ready made juices to Oatly Barista (perfect for our favourite De'Longhi Eletta coffee machine, so you don’t have to forego your morning flat white!). If you’re feeling lazy or are simply bored of washing up, they deliver delicious Ottolenghi-style salads and sharing platters too.



Working from home requires an inspiring workspace, a good cup of coffee (see above) and ample ‘office’ snacks. Luckily, Crosstown Doughnuts offer delivery. Both the vegan and non-vegan selection boxes of these artisan sourdough treats are fabulous.

Protein bars


For slightly more virtuous snacking, we’re loving Popped Lotus Seeds which are a tasty popcorn alternative and RXBars for post home workout fuel.

As we slowly work our way through our favourite Netflix shows (more on that here) we’re enjoying Gails seeded crackers with all the cheese in the house. Thankfully, they’re also delivering their freshly-baked breads too.

We’re all spending a lot more time in the kitchen honing our skills. Borough Kitchen provides the tools we need for all manner of culinary experimentation from Mauviel M’Cook frying pans to KitchenAid stand mixers. We also recommend their vegetable brushes for cleaning our fruit and veg.

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