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Sustainable Interior Design

As Designed by Woulfe evolves, we are committed to making sustainability “business as usual” by seamlessly integrating environmentally-friendly practices into every aspect of our operations.

Our studio plans to address sustainability at three levels - client projects, our own operations and the wider community. Guided by these principles and informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have outlined a clear strategy for reaching our targets and measuring our progress along the way.


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Sustainability In Design

Brian’s vision is for sustainable products to be attainable for all, without the premium price points, and for information about the environmental footprint and sustainable credentials of products to be more readily available. Sustainability in our projects can be as subtle or prominent as the client wishes, but it will always be one of our key considerations when designing interiors. We will source products and materials as locally as possible, prioritising those that promote a healthy indoor climate, from companies with transparent supply chains. We will keep waste to a minimum by helping clients to repurpose, sell or recycle unwanted furniture, and by ensuring construction waste is recycled where possible. Avoiding “fast furniture”, our studio will inspire our clients with timeless design choices and products which are made to last. 


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Carbon Offsetting

We have calculated our carbon footprint for 2019/2020, and are taking steps to reduce our emissions in the coming year as well as offsetting what is unavoidable. Through our offsetting, Designed by Woulfe has chosen to support a programme in Guatemala which helps to improve living conditions in a sustainable way for communities who have been disproportionately affected by climate change.

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Inspiring & Educating Our Clients

We will provide our clients with context for our decisions throughout, explaining the impact and importance of designing with sustainability in mind. When we have completed each project, they will receive their home’s sustainability story, outlining how the design improvements have had positive, or avoided negative, impact on the environment. For those who are particularly interested in sustainability, or for corporate clients who are looking to report on this, we can also offer to calculate the carbon emissions for the particular project.

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Influencing Our Industry

As a multi award-winning studio which operates internationally, we understand the influence we have within the industry. We are keen to use our industry profile in a positive way, to raise awareness within the world of interior design and inspire other designers and peers to make similar commitments. Managing & Creative Director Brian Woulfe often partakes in panel discussions, webinars, podcasts and other speaking engagements, sharing his interior design expertise and advocating for a fairer industry where sustainable practices are the norm.

Irish born interior designer Brian Woulfe at a leadership lunch with Rabih Hage

Interior Design Declares

Designed by Woulfe is a founding signatory of Interior Design Declares, the UK strand of a global petition movement to encourage action by the industry to address the effects of climate change. Brian Woulfe is also a member of the Sustainability Committee of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

As part of our commitment to Interior Design Declares, Designed by Woulfe has taken the step to better understand our own carbon footprint and take educated action to reduce it. To do so, we have enlisted a group of sustainability consultants, Sustaineers Consultants, to help us calculate and estimate our footprint for our last financial year. This has covered all of our activities both at our London base and at our project sites. It includes materials we buy and how they are used in homes during their lifespan. Looking ahead, we are planning how we can reduce our emissions and tracking our progress by regularly measuring our footprint and reporting on it yearly. What we cannot reduce will be offset through the Gold Standard offset projects. The project we have chosen for 2021 is called ‘Healthy Homes for All’ and is based in Guatemala. The initiative contributes to benefits which are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as improving education and removing carbon by giving people quality cookstoves in their homes. Through our efforts, we are thrilled to be helping make peoples’ homes better places to live while also supporting the right to children’s education.
Creative & Managing Director, Brian Woulfe