As well as designing award-winning residential interior schemes, Designed by Woulfe also deliver eye-catching, memorable and targeted show home interiors. Our team is devoted to creating supreme show homes that make a lasting impression and ultimately help luxury property developers secure maximum sales. The outstanding residential interior schemes we create ensure that flagship units in prime property developments in the UK and beyond stand out amongst an ever-growing property market, fulfill their potential, and remain relevant long after the launch and sale of the homes.

The show homes we design are classic, characterful and enticing enough to compete not only with other new builds, but also with the second-hand property market too. They showcase to potential buyers what purchasing a home in a particular development would look and feel like, while also retaining an essence of malleability that will appeal to budding homeowners that will want to put their own stamp on the interiors of the property they are looking to purchase.


We understand that when developing model homes obtaining maximum return on an investment is key. We put the utmost effort into understanding each developer’s target demographic as well as the buyers’ lifestyle aspirations so that we can design a development with marketing show suites that tell a story and intrigue potential home buyers.

When designing the interiors for show homes we strive to make them memorable and increase buyers’ interest through our innovative and considered design, whatever the target market. Our focused team hones in on the details of each project to work in relation to the brief and budget. We take factors such as the target market, location and the developer’s brand positioning into account.

Our design portfolio continues to grow in scope and scale. Designed by Woulfe designs and develops a variety of show homes from warm designs catered to families to smart, functional interiors that speak to professionals. We work closely with the developer’s sales and marketing team to make sure that what we produce reflects the brand’s desired position in the market. We’ll find out exactly what your buyers lifestyle requirements are and what would appeal to their tastes. Armed with this invaluable information, our team will bring to life practical, intelligent, creative and professionally-styled spaces which will serve to maximise interest in the property.


As a high-end property developer, you’re forever trying to balance immediate visual appeal with the functionality of the living space and consistency of aesthetics across the development. Costs of interior design and architectural services must be offset against the need to maximise each property’s saleability – and profit potential. Whether new build flats, houses, villas or penthouse apartments, we work hard to optimise the interior space we’re working with in order to make your show home as attractive and appealing as possible.

When working on the interior design of new housing developments we use our expertise to highlight the unique potential of each property, be it a studio flat or a luxury penthouse, and showcase the numerous capabilities of the space. Every design aspect is thought-out, resulting in a stylish, inspirational and imaginative design that retains the contemporary yet timeless approach that is synonymous with Designed by Woulfe. Understanding that minimising time on the market is essential to property developers and their stakeholders, we continuously strive to deliver outstanding results that get future buyers excited, and enable them to see the potential in a property.

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