Luxury residential interior design for discerning homeowners

Bespoke high-end interiors for a luxury lifestyle

Our studio works on luxury residential interior design projects across the UK, Europe, the US and Asia. While we work internationally, we are a London-based team and have crafted interiors for some of the most desirable homes in the city’s most sought-after postcodes.

High-End Residential Interiors

Rather than simply creating an aesthetic environment, we design in accordance to our client’s needs and create functional, structural and aspirational spaces. We design luxury interiors with the intention of providing each client with nurturing surroundings that allow them to thrive in whichever way they choose to use the spaces within their home. This could mean creating a home office that’s sound-proof but also feels light and spurs productivity, or an indoor/outdoor entertaining space that’s ideal for social gatherings.

Whether living, sleeping, eating, working, or simply being, our aim is to make sure the outcome always fulfils our client’s dreams and expectations for how they want to feel when at home.

Luxury Home Extensions & Renovations

At Designed by Woulfe we work on home refurbishments as well as new-build properties. We are able to take on any type of turnkey interior design project with ease. For clients who are short on time or those who prefer to remain private, this is an ideal option. Having us as the sole point of contact up until the final handover reduces the level of stress and involvement for them.

Exceptional project management is at the heart of our business and managing an entire home renovation or architectural and interior design project allows us to determine the scope, schedule and budget accurately from the offset. Throughout the process we are responsible for all aspects of planning, design, budgeting, execution and quality control of the scheme. Our watertight project management means we always deliver a finished outcome on time, within budget and to an exceptional standard.

Garden design by Bartholomew Landscaping with walls painted in pothole dark grey.

Creating an Idyllic Lifestyle with Bespoke Interior Design

Designed by Woulfe does not adhere to a singular house style. We empower clients to discover their own tastes and inspire them along the way, later bringing their vision to life through luxurious, unique home interiors which are a reflection of their individual personality and lifestyle. Our award-winning design studio will elevate your home into something spectacular with interiors that speak for themselves.

We are driven by the passion of creating spaces which are elegant and timeless yet still feel contemporary. Whether it’s a peaceful coastal holiday home where you retreat from a busy world, or a versatile primary residence in the city that’s built for a growing family, we identify what you want your home to say about you and inject the interior scheme with this spirit.

Study / Work space in neutral toned bedroom.
Headboard with custom bedside table and reading lamp. A bespoke wardrobe in a bedroom, making optimum use of space and keeping things sleek. The design appeals both aesthetically and functionally, accommodating the existing clothing, shoes, accessories, and so on, while also leaving enough room for new purchases. The custom wardrobe in the bedroom allows the owner to stay organised and enjoy getting ready in the mornings.

Working with a Trusted Network of Artisans & Collaborators

Our experience spans all forms of luxury interior design. Our professional team of experts will do whatever it takes to ensure that each component of the interior design scheme we create for you is achieved to specification and is entirely unique. This often means collaborating with British and international suppliers and artisans to commission one-of-a-kind interior components such as bespoke joinery, made-to-measure soft furnishings and art commissions.

Through our years of experience, we have built a trusted network of design and home interiors talent ranging from furniture and product designers to artisans, lighting designers and audio and visual specialists. We also source rare antique and collectors pieces as well as advise on art purchasing for the home. When working with outdoor spaces we collaborate with a talented pool of landscape architects and designers for a cohesive look and feel from indoor to outdoor.

This luxurious bedroom/dressing room offers a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. The wardrobe joinery is adorned in a soothing beige leather, with one open door revealing a well-organised selection of storage options. A plush beige woven carpet enhances the comfort and style of the space. The walls are adorned with a striking blue and white wallpaper featuring palm trees and plants, creating a captivating tropical ambiance. This combination of tasteful design elements transforms the room into a serene and sophisticated retreat. This luxurious under stairs showcases smart and efficient use of space. The slim paneled under stairs joinery features a pull-out storage unit, providing a practical solution for storing shoes, jackets, and bags. The light wood herringbone flooring harmonises with the light wood stairs, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. A cream carpet running upstairs adds a touch of warmth and elegance. This cleverly designed under stairs room maximises functionality while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere.
Brian is very straightforward to work with, and has a keen eye for the detail. He listened to the brief, and quickly came up with some very creative proposals. He provided sensible, but exciting design ideas that came within the agreed budget.

Residential Client

Specialising in Liveable Luxury For a Comfortable Home

Residential design needs to be both comfortable and usable, whilst also providing a beautiful environment that is tailored to the individual requirements of our clients and brings joy to their home life. Our surroundings can impact our mood and the way we feel. Clever and considered interior design has the power to uplift our spirits, and when our home is effectively optimised to best support our lifestyles, we are creating an environment in which we can thrive.

Whether you’re an avid art collector and want an eclectic, inspired space where your art collection can take centre stage, or you’re a passionate cook who believes the kitchen should be the heart of the home, the way in which space is utilised and interiors are designed can allow you to fulfil these individual passions.

This modern luxury living room features lightwood herringbone flooring. A wall-mounted TV sits above a sleek black marble-framed fireplace. On the right-hand side of the TV, dark wood shelving is built into the wall, adorned with books. In the centre of the room, a cosy curved sofa with purple accent cushions is complemented by a matching armchair. They rest on a white and grey circular rug with a simple pattern, accompanied by a black circular coffee table displaying books. Adjacent to a large window dressed in white blinds and purple curtains, a built-in dark wood desk space with a cream textured chair and a hanging sphere light provides a stylish workspace. Art pieces are thoughtfully mounted on the walls.

Skilful Interior Design for Modern, New Build & Period Properties

Our depth of knowledge in the property industry enables us to undertake a range of projects with a mixture of architectural styles. We’ve designed the interiors for everything from modern new-build homes to elegant, stucco-fronted, Georgian townhouses, Victorian terraced houses and Edwardian period properties. When working in period homes or listed properties we take extra care to ensure that classic period features are restored, revitalised or modernised where needed.

Many Edwardian or Georgian properties boast significant decorative features such as ceiling roses and cornicing. When designing and executing the interior design scheme, we take every precaution to preserve and celebrate these as an intrinsic part of the home’s design DNA.

This luxury kitchen boasts a refined and modern aesthetic. Light grey stone-look flooring sets the foundation for the space. Dark wood kitchen cabinets and joinery, paired with a sleek slate black countertop and sink, create a striking contrast. Shelves adorned with vibrant plants above the sink add a touch of freshness. On the opposite wall, slate black cabinets A slate black island with hobs becomes a centrepiece, complemented by a large glass bowl filled with vibrant oranges, lemons, and limes. Above the island, large glass bulb lights illuminate the workspace. Expansive glass sliding doors and a skylight flood the kitchen with natural light, enhancing its luxurious ambiance.

Multi-award winning interior design studio

We are a London-based luxury interior design studio providing a comprehensive range of services. Our highly skilled team deliver timeless, award-winning interiors through design consultancy, architectural planning and detailed drawings, sourcing, delivery and luxury finishing. We develop show-stopping interior design schemes for private homes, residential developments, show homes, commercial and hospitality properties, taking a fully bespoke and approach with each new project.

From Concept to Completion

Designed by Woulfe has over a decade’s experience working in the UK and internationally on residential, commercial, multi-unit developments and show home interior design projects. Whether working with residential or commercial clients, Managing Director Brian Woulfe takes a hands-on approach, providing a personal interior design service from concept through to completion. Brian works closely with each client to ensure the bespoke home interior design scheme which Designed by Woulfe creates fulfills their every requirement.

Interior designer Brian Woulfe

Integrity, Care & Precision

Our design studio takes pride in fulfilling clients’ wishes with enthusiasm, integrity, care and precision. Whatever the scope, budget or time frame of a property developer or private homebuyer, we ensure each project is as individual as the client. We’ll take the lead if required and work tirelessly across time zones when necessary.

Our team collaborates with consultants such as architects, landscape contractors and gardeners, lighting designers and audio visual specialists in order to ensure every element of the residential or commercial interior scheme is executed to an exceptional standard by the best in the industry. We maintain a dedicated site presence throughout to ensure deadlines are met and any challenges which may arise are dealt with efficiently.

Eden grasshopper silk rug stark

High-End Interior Design

Our ability to deliver high-end interiors has earned Designed by Woulfe international recognition, multiple property, design and architecture awards, and a reputation for excellence in interior design and execution. Some of our most notable accolades include ‘Best Interior for an Individual Home’ at the Sunday Times British Homes Awards and ‘Best Interior Design Apartment London’ at the International Property Awards.

Continue reading for a break-down of the key interior design work stages that our studio fulfills when approached by a client. We craft bespoke interiors, so these stages are adapted on a case-by-case basis to suit the project to hand.

A luxurious master bedroom, designed with sophistication. A dark wood room divider backs the double bed, matching the side tables and bedroom door. Grey/blue fabric wall paneling adds texture behind the headboard. The natural two-cushion headboard complements the design. Crisp white cotton bedsheets with blue/grey edging adorn the bed. Two fluffy blue/grey accent cushions add color and coziness. Hanging lights above the bed, paired with wall book lights, create a warm ambiance. Next to the window, a simple patterned blind allows natural light. A patterned blue/grey silk blanket elegantly drapes a corner of the bed. This luxury bedroom exudes comfort and style.

Award Winning Interiors

Eu property awards 2021 winner
EU Property Awards 2020 winner

STEP 1 - Design Brief

This initial step provides the foundations for a successful interior design project. Our team considers every aspect of a new interior design commission with meticulous detail so that the interiors we create are tailored to the precise requirements of the individual. We work closely with our clients, repeat or new, to ascertain their precise wishes, timescale, budget and desired outcomes when structuring an interior design brief. This provides the starting point for any new project we undertake.

In order to create spaces that accurately reflect a client’s lifestyle, aspirations and personal preferences, we take the time to understand their personalities and needs. We then incorporate realistic timelines and accurate costs, consider any structural restrictions and produce a comprehensive proposal of exactly what we can deliver and when.

Alexander lamont accessories, dark wood tray with white roses in a glass next to a vase

Your style - not ours

Unbound by a house style, Designed by Woulfe is not restricted to a definitive interior design aesthetic. In turn, we proudly offer a truly tailored design service that is customised to each client’s personal style and takes into respectful consideration the requirements of the project and the architecture of the property. Our team meets any possible limitations which arise in the design process with enthusiasm and dedication.

We determine exactly what the client wants from their home and how they see the space being used. There may be structural work which needs to be carried out or an extension built. At this stage we not only listen but also provide inspiration based upon our years of experience in crafting luxury interiors.

This luxurious kids' bedroom/playroom features calming blue painted walls illuminated by a skylight. A plush cream carpet adds comfort and warmth to the space. Two blue single beds adorned with bedding featuring white stars create a dreamy sleeping area. A cream fluffy, gwyneth boucle armchair with a matching blue cushion complements the fabric on the bed bases. A white tall side table holds a small blue guitar, while a white floor lamp provides additional lighting. In the corner of the room, a vibrant red mini puppet theatre awaits imaginative play and storytelling adventures. This luxurious bathroom features a avocado dark green toilet with a gold flush plate. The floor is adorned with sleek black tiles, providing a striking contrast. The walls are adorned with geometric tiles in a tasteful combination of beige and blue, adding a touch of sophistication. A wooden countertop holds a white bowl sink, accompanied by vases filled with dried flowers, bringing a natural and elegant element to the space.

Concept development

The design concept serves as a visual aid that appeals to the individual taste and style of a client. The aim of this initial stage is to create a cohesive design scheme which will bring their vision to life. We transform the dreams, ideas and requirements presented to us into reality through careful planning at this crucial stage.

Once we have carried out a property survey of the spaces to be designed, we will delve further into the design details and how the client’s personality and lifestyle can inform the interior design style of the property. When working on aspirational show homes and other commercial properties for developers, we consider the demographic and lifestyle needs of the target clientele as well as the requirements of the key stakeholders.

White drawing room moodboard

Visualise your interior space

A watertight interior design concept is integral to the successful execution of a design project however large or small. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to interpret their brief and ensure their interior and lifestyle goals are met. The team puts together practical examples and references to communicate how the space will look and feel. We can create detailed renderings which encompass floor plans and furniture plans and present these alongside imaginative mood boards and palette ideas for colours, materials and fabrics.

Upon presentation of a comprehensive, clear-cut and authentic illustration of how the space in question will appear on completion, we will work with our client’s feedback to develop a final interior design concept that is tailored to their precise requirements. The wealth of experience we bring forward combined with our design instincts and steadfast determination to fulfil each brief to the letter enables Designed by Woulfe to transform ordinary spaces into truly extraordinary homes.

This high-end luxury kitchen seamlessly blends with the dining room. A dark wood kitchen island takes centre stage, featuring a grey marble surface top and a matching base that harmonises with the kitchen cabinets and joinery. A white tile splashback adds a touch of elegance. The light wood flooring complements the light wood dining table, creating a cohesive look. Dark green counter chairs with black legs echo the style of the dining chairs, providing a sophisticated and unified aesthetic throughout the kitchen and dining space.
Designed by Woulfe was appointed because of the attention to detail needed in an environment which is both historic and fashionable. It was that detail that allowed the past to be entwined with the present and future. I would recommend Designed by Woulfe to anyone because of the understanding and quality of the design and workmanship.
Mark Johnston-Wood, MRICS, MCIOB, MIoD

Inner Temple

STEP 2 - Design Development

After the concept development stage has been signed off we work diligently to develop each design to the highest standard. This is where we pin down the specifics of the interior design project at hand. Every detail of the concept, interior layout, construction and overall appearance is developed through architectural planning and design drawings.

Electrical, audio/visual and lighting plans will also be finalised at this stage as well as decisions based upon the design aesthetic. A comprehensive list of the hard finishes, soft furnishings, wall treatments, floor coverings, furniture, joinery, fixtures and fittings will be put together. Keeping specific requirements in mind, our studio will also design bespoke furniture if desired by the client.

Architect plans on marble

Creative collaboration

We understand the value in creative collaboration. In light of this, our studio will bring on board a host of experts in their respective fields to seamlessly integrate a client’s requirements into a design scheme. This means we’ll work alongside lighting designers, audio-visual specialists, security consultants, and a host of other collaborators to ensure that any user interface or technological system that needs to be included is straightforward to use and easy to maintain.

A picture of an AV Rack for home automation. Concealed boiler joinery london

Bespoke furniture & fittings

We diligently oversee the production of any bespoke interior design elements which are undertaken by specialist suppliers, such as the commissioning of custom furniture, furnishings or fittings.

Cipollino verde polished marble fireplace produced by Stone Age uk

Exceptional craftsmanship

Carefully selecting the best people for the job at hand, we place great importance on collaborating with respected teams or individuals who deliver to the same exceptional standards that we adhere to at Designed by Woulfe. This is reflected in high-quality, bespoke interiors which present exemplary craftsmanship and retain maximum value.

A luxury modern kitchen with an open-plan layout. Light wood herringbone flooring adds warmth and sophistication to the space. A light wood corner cabinet adorned with art serves as a stylish focal point. A tall green potted plant brings a touch of nature indoors. A comfortable grey sofa with a burnt orange cushion offers a cozy seating area. A light wood table paired with a white leather chair creates a chic dining spot. Slim wood paneling underneath the stairs adds a sleek and contemporary touch. This luxury kitchen combines style and functionality seamlessly. This high-end bedroom showcases a luxurious ambiance with its carefully curated design elements. A dark wood room divider serves as an elegant backdrop to the double bed, while matching bedside tables add a cohesive touch. The grey/blue fabric wall panelling behind the bed's headboard creates a soothing focal point. A natural cushion headboard enhances the comfort and style of the double bed, complemented by white cotton bedsheets with blue/grey detail edging. Fluffy blue/grey accent cushions add a touch of plushness, while hanging lights on either side of the bed provide atmospheric illumination alongside wall-mounted book lights.
The initial design was stunning and enough in itself to give us confidence in our designer. Co-ordinating the various suppliers was a considerable task but was accomplished with aplomb... The outcome is really all we could have hoped for and we would certainly turn to him for any project in the future.
GLH (Lawyer)


Step 3 - Realisation

After the design development plan has been approved by our client, we then work closely with trusted architects, project managers, contractors and suppliers to ensure that the interior vision is brought to fruition. This is when we implement the interior design scheme we have created and it all comes to life.

We partake in regular site meetings in order to ensure that clear quality checks are being considered, timelines remain accurate, work is being carried out exactly as planned, and projects stay within budget. Our team works closely with the contractors and FF&E supply chain to ensure our design is implemented successfully.

This modern luxury living room features lightwood herringbone flooring. A wall-mounted TV sits above a sleek black marble-framed fireplace. On the right-hand side of the TV, dark wood shelving is built into the wall, adorned with books. In the centre of the room, a cosy curved sofa with purple accent cushions is complemented by a matching armchair. They rest on a white and grey circular rug with a simple pattern, accompanied by a black circular coffee table displaying books. Adjacent to a large window dressed in white blinds and purple curtains, a built-in dark wood desk space with a cream textured chair and a hanging sphere light provides a stylish workspace. Art pieces are thoughtfully mounted on the walls.

Unlocking your property's potential

At every stage of the process, our dedicated team will always maintain a back and forth discourse to keep the client aware of key milestones. We are easily reachable and on-hand throughout to provide peace of mind for our clients, keep them fully up-to-date and to answer any questions which may arise.

We are highly skilled at dealing with all sorts of challenges. We enthusiastically find the best solution to tackle any road bump, keeping time and budget in mind throughout the problem solving process. Throughout the realisation of any interior design process, we maintain a steadfast dedication to unlocking a property’s potential. Exceptional project management is at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our team accepts nothing but the best and works around the clock to secure results of the highest quality for our clients.

This luxury living room boasts a big window, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. A light burgundy love couch with matching cushions and a dark blue throw exudes comfort and style. In another corner, a dark blue armchair with a grey throw provides additional seating. The dark wood floor adds warmth and elegance to the room. A rug adorned with bugs and flowers becomes a centerpiece, featuring a brown textured ottoman with books. A grey sofa with dark blue cushions complements the layout. Across the room, a beautiful fireplace with a mantel, adorned with a plant, creates a cosy focal point. A mirror hangs above the fireplace, reflecting the room's beauty. Wooden corner tables on either side of the fireplace display lamps, framed pictures, and plants, with art gracefully hung above them.

Step 4 - Final Flourishes

Our luxury interior design studio specialises in residential projects for private individuals, and remarkable show homes for property developers who seek to make a bold impression. The award-winning work we produce embodies a sensibility towards crafting unique interiors that are original, bespoke and fulfill the dreams expressed by our international and discerning clientele.

Every design decision we make is carefully considered as part of the whole project. Sourcing those final signature pieces which serve to complement and elevate the overall design of a space is an essential part of the process. We believe that every element of an interior design concept has the potential to resonate with the client and speak volumes about who they are.

Detail dark wooden bar, supporting bottles of liquor

Accessorising & embellishing

Designed by Woulfe understands the perfect balance of playfulness and understated luxury. In these last stages of an interior design project we bring furniture, ornaments and other final flourishes together artfully. Our team has spent years building and nurturing personal relationships with an impressive network of specialist suppliers, which gives our studio unique access to remarkable items from around the world. These treasures range from contemporary artworks to distinctive accessories and rare antiques.

Our exceptional finds embellish each space, delivering inimitable style that guarantees our clients’ interiors are truly one-of-a-kind and reflective of their own individuality. A final walkthrough with the contractors allows us to identify and adjust any small issues and perform a final check on every detail.

Tyson london bedside lamp A coffee table arrangement with books, tray and glass bowl with moss.

Our Residential Projects

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At Designed by Woulfe we take the time to understand our clients’ wishes so that we can tailor our interior design services to the individual requirements of each project.

To discuss a property or for further information, please contact us at [email protected].

No matter the scope or scale of a project, the initial step in our process is to arrange a complimentary consultation with Managing Director & Founder, Brian Woulfe.

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  • Eu property awards 2021 winner
  • EU Property Awards 2020 winner
  • BHA finalist 2020
  • United Kingdom Property Awards SALIC Winner 2018-2019

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