Art Sourcing & Commissions

When designing luxury interiors, we know that artwork can make or break a room. You've looked at hundreds of prints and paintings, and yet nothing feels right. With over 10 years in the industry, we know a good piece when we see one and we'll always be thinking of you and your room - probably in the small hours when we're supposed to be sleeping, and inspiration hits. We trawl London's contemporary art and antique markets and we often source bespoke artworks whilst on our travels around the world. As interior designers, we forge relationships with exciting up-and-coming artists, art dealers and galleries which allow us to secure pleasing visual pieces or high-end investment artworks for a fair price on your behalf. Artistic expression is, of course, always personal. But selecting the right colour scheme, style, aesthetic and ingenious ways to display artworks you already own is what we do best. We will be featuring mixed media artists, painters, sculptors and other creatives in the interviews section of our design journal, so you can get to know our people as well as our values.

Headshot Nick Hornby by Nick Ballon, 2015

It is very difficult to engage in a conversation about contemporary British sculpture without examining Nick Hornby. With commissions all over the world and pieces that stand beside Barbara Hepworth and Auguste Rodin, it would be easy to understand if Nick were engrossed in the pretentious world that can capture a talented young artist.  Instead, he is calm and speaks in a rhythm that is pensive and precise; because the truth is that he is interested in the experience of reflection and learning from his audience.

Andrew Wicks slip-cast porcelain.
News & Events

This week we visited Adrian Sassoon At The London House Of Modernity, a joint art, design and furniture exhibition from London-based art dealer Adrian Sassoon and the Stockholm-based Modernity Gallery. 


A set of fritz hansen series 7 dining chairs around a wooden dining table in a modern penthouse.
News & Events

Panel discussion on the logistical, business and ethical factors interior designers should be considering beyond just the purchase of an artwork, in this ever-changing world of Pandemics and Brexits.