John Cullen Lighting

The whole team at Designed by Woulfe is passionate about designing the perfect ambience for our clients' luxurious interiors.  In collaboration with John Cullen Lighting, we create exquisite layered lighting schemes to ensure you have a room for all occasions - be it romancing, relaxing, entertaining, gaming or working. Architectural lighting design makes the most of your home's natural light, and together with a range of installed light fittings, can serve different purposes while not detracting from the property's architecture. Luxury lighting features in most of our projects because we feel it is a cornerstone of all the best interior design schemes. As a multi-award winning interior design studio in London's West End, we've worked on the most lavish celebrity interiors and stunning penthouse showhomes through to functional family residences and stylish home offices for hardworking executives. Whether you're into statement crystal chandeliers for the entrance hall, a cosy wash of light on an outdoor terrace, dramatic up-lighters to pick out the architectural features of your property or minimalist spotlights for cooking, let us create a unique vision for you and your loved ones.


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Luke Thomas Design Director at John Cullen Lighting London.

A pioneer of lighting design, John Cullen is an award-winning architectural lighting company based on Chelsea’s Kings Road. Their world class lighting schemes span the luxury residential and hospitality industries.