Commercial Interior Design

We are passionate about designing modern & luxurious commercial interiors that are expertly crafted with precision and care. As we expand our team and portfolio, we would be excited to hear from boutique hoteliers, experience-driven restaurateurs and property developers.

Commercial Interiors to Captivate Your Desired Clientele

The interior design of a building plays a pivotal role from the moment you enter. Before any experience within a restaurant, bar or hotel, the interior design is what gives you a first impression. Investing in good interior design can enhance the look and feel of your business and elevate your profits while creating an aspirational environment that will capture and retain your desired clientele.

At Designed by Woulfe we will pick up your vision, understand your audience, and artfully craft the perfect interiors for this to happen. Whether we’re tailoring the interior scheme for a luxury hotel, restaurant, bar, spa or nightclub, with our commercial interior design services we will ensure that your space is designed and structured to suit the needs of your customers as well as your business.

Why work with us?
This luxurious bathroom features a sleek and contemporary design. The shower is adorned with grey stone walls and a built-in shelf, beautifully illuminated by John Cullen lighting. On the shelf, bottles of body wash are neatly displayed alongside a small potted plant, adding a touch of nature. The opposite wall showcases textured grey tiles, with a black shower head and panel creating a stylish contrast. This luxury bathroom showcases a stylish and contemporary design. The walls are adorned with geometric beige and green tiles, adding a touch of sophistication. A Tom Falkner Lily mirror hangs on the wall, beautifully complemented by a gold and white globe wall light. The wooden countertop with a white bowl sink and gold tap exudes elegance, with a vase of dried flowers and a soap dispenser adding a charming touch. The combination of geometric patterns, metallic accents, and natural elements creates a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in this bathroom

Stylish, Safe & Functional Hospitality Design

As we design the space for your hotel or luxury guest house, we artfully bring together every element for a well-rounded visual and sensory experience including furniture, artwork, signage and outdoor landscaping. With our discerning eye and attention to detail, we will ensure your brand is connecting with people in the way it should. In commercial spaces, everything should fit together seamlessly in order to create an overall impression which is reflective of your high-end establishment.

We focus on style and functionality whilst prioritising safety, to ensure your guests have a memorable experience. We see commercial interiors as marketing through design. Our goal is to build a relaxed, welcoming space where users can enjoy positive and unforgettable experiences which will inspire them to return.

See our favourite inspiring spaces
Old world-inspired luxury double bedroom exudes sophistication and elegance. A steel four-poster bed frame serves as a striking centrepiece, complemented by a cream headboard and crisp white bed sheets. Cream patterned accent cushions and blue accent cushions. The walls are adorned with blue and white wallpaper featuring palm trees, creating a serene tropical ambiance. Dark blue and gold bedside tables, adorned with white lamps inspired by Amelia Carter Interiors, add a luxurious touch. This high-end bedroom showcases a luxurious ambiance with its carefully curated design elements. A dark wood room divider serves as an elegant backdrop to the double bed, while matching bedside tables add a cohesive touch. The grey/blue fabric wall panelling behind the bed's headboard creates a soothing focal point. A natural cushion headboard enhances the comfort and style of the double bed, complemented by white cotton bedsheets with blue/grey detail edging. Fluffy blue/grey accent cushions add a touch of plushness, while hanging lights on either side of the bed provide atmospheric illumination alongside wall-mounted book lights.

Talented Collaborators & Minimal Disruption

We work with a carefully selected network of commercial kitchen designers, lighting and sound technicians, bespoke furniture designers and manufacturers, electric and plumbing experts and more, curating the perfect team of talented, trustworthy collaborators to bring your vision to life. When working on commercial and residential fit-outs, carrying out the works with minimal disruption to both your business and the local community is one of our top priorities. We are particularly conscious of time constraints in order to ensure your business has minimum downtime throughout the interior design process. We strive to create a unique and exclusive commercial environment that once open, will maximise your return on investment and boost profitability for your business.

Full Commercial Project & Contractor Management

Our commercial interior design company accepts nothing but the best and works around the clock to secure results of the highest quality for our clients. When project managing the redesign of a commercial property, Designed by Woulfe will cover all the bases every step of the way to ensure that your commercial interior goals come to fruition just the way you want them to.

We manage all aspects of planning, design, development of detailed specifications, cost planning, appointment and management of contractors and suppliers, execution, cost reporting, supervision of the construction process and quality control throughout. Our skilled team endeavours to deliver innovative, captivating commercial interiors on time, within budget and of an exceptional standard.

Pairs of modern sun loungers beside a pool in natural stone.

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