Luxury Carpeting

Luxury carpets are often made from natural fibres like wools, silks and jute. These softer materials introduce an elegant, organic texture to the room design and feel beautifully soft underfoot. If you're thinking: "But isn't wall-to-wall carpet a bit dated?", that all depends on how you layer and accessorise it.  Our design team use gorgeous patterned rugs and sumptuous soft furnishings in creative ways to build up a cosy, relaxing aesthetic. Clients tell us they love the sustainable, ethical side of natural carpeting as well as the comfort. As all carpeting can be treated with stain-resistant finishes, there is no reason for it to be unfriendly to pets, mud or children's mishaps. Our Managing Director, Brian Woulfe, has two pooches running amok in his apartment and we know they'd be super excited to tell you all about their daily adventures in the human world. Sisal - another organic biodegradable material - is more hardwearing, so we tend to incorporate this more in areas bordering the outdoors. On our higher-end interior design projects, we frequently commission finely woven handmade carpets from artisans across the world, which allows you own something fully bespoke; a piece of truly special craftsmanship to last through generations.

Ashley Stark Portrait by Brittany Ambridge

Ashley Stark is Creative Director of STARK, the legendary family-run carpet and fabric company founded over 75 years ago. Guest contributor Tova Ossad discusses steering the family business into an exciting new chapter, striking a balance between motherhood and a busy work life, and renovating her beautiful Manhattan townhouse.