Decorative Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels – undeniably striking and luxurious. Decorative metal panelling is a lavish interior design choice. With a variety of metals and treatments to choose from, metal wall panelling can make a bespoke headboard pop with strips of gold metal contrasted with soft velvet padding, or copper sheets for a cosy yet elevated feature wall.


Alternatively, let the natural transformative properties of metal be showcased by mother nature. Place metal wall panels in an outdoor space and allow them to be exposed to the elements. Watch steel turn from silver to a warmth rust over several months, or if you’re investing in a family home to pass down through generations, let copper panels turn a vivid turquoise over decades.


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A Conversation With Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly is a multidisciplinary artist, upholsterer and designer who works with top interior designers and architects worldwide to provide specialist finishes and embellished surfaces.

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