Specialist Wall Decoration

Specialist decoration can become the centrepiece of any room. Hours of painstakingly handcrafted embellishments by master ateliers beautifully blend the world of art and interior design. Specialist decoration can create bespoke finishes and textures from an array of materials including plaster, resin, glass, paint, textiles, stone, timber to name a few…


We can bring a feature wall to life like no other, or turn the ceiling from blank canvas to focal showpiece. Specialist decoration is the epitome of luxury interiors. Our trained eye can identify the perfect opportunity to enhance a room through this craft making the interior design truly unique.


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The Design Companies Putting Sustainability At The Heart Of Their Business

Environmental awareness and sustainability have never been more of a priority for individuals, communities and businesses alike. Considered interior design can help create more homes that are better for the planet, the economy and our wellbeing.

Here, we look at some of the products and companies putting sustainability at the heart of what they do.

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A Conversation With Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly is a multidisciplinary artist, upholsterer and designer who works with top interior designers and architects worldwide to provide specialist finishes and embellished surfaces.

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Our Awards & Affiliation

  • Eu property awards 2021 winner
  • EU Property Awards 2020 winner
  • BHA finalist 2020
  • United Kingdom Property Awards SALIC Winner 2018-2019

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