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Labour and Wait Store London.

Labour and Wait, Home Goods Store, London

The utilitarian interiors of this homeware and lifestyle store are reflective of the brand’s ethos and aesthetic. Selling timeless, functional products, Labour and Wait celebrates high-quality functional design. The staff uniforms are utilitarian too - with cobalt blue button-down jackets and brown canvas aprons.

Algerian Coffee Shop old store front

Algerian Coffee Stores, London

Algerian Coffee Stores in London's Soho is somewhat of an institution, having stood the test of time in the ever-developing West End since 1887. Over a century on, this legendary tea and coffee retailer still retains some of its original design features including the scarlet-fronted storefront and original wooden menu display.

Prick shop in London.

Prick, Plant Shop, London

London's first-ever store dedicated entirely to cacti and succulents, the wittily-named PRICK. The Dalston store is the brainchild of award-winning photographer Gynelle Leon. Flooded with natural light, plants are displayed in PRICK-designed terracotta pots all around the space, keeping the focus predominantly on the natural beauty and simplicity of the flora and fauna.

Bottletop shop london interiors

Bottletop, Accessories Boutique, London

Bottletop’s futuristic Regent Street outpost is a lesson in zero-waste design. It’s the world’s first 3D-printed store, made from recycled plastic waste. The design of the shop illustrates the upcycled accessories brand’s innovative approach to eco-friendly fashion and sustainability. The floor is made from repurposed rubber tyres and the ceiling is crafted from aluminium cans.

Alex Eagle Studio Shop London

Alex Eagle, Concept Store, London

Visiting Alex Eagle feels like stepping into an uber-cool gallery with the warmth of a private home. The unique retail space offers a new kind of retail, creative and social experience to shoppers. It’s light, fresh, fun and unpretentious, making it somewhere you feel you could spend hours in.

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