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Wild Wood London, Bespoke Floral Studio

Charlotte Wood of bespoke florist studio Wild Wood London sits at the forefront of innovative, seasonal floristry. Charlotte started out in womenswear fashion design before combining a longstanding love of flowers with her creativity. Since then, her successful career in floristry has seen her collaborate with luxury fashion houses and create installations for London’s most iconic venues amongst countless other exciting commissions. Our interior design studio has worked with Wild Wood London several times to bring Charlotte’s knowledge and instinctive eye for both faux and living plants into our luxury interior design schemes.

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Charlotte Wood founder of Wild Wood London
Getting Into The Floristry Industry

How did you get into floristry, and what do you love about the work you do?

I studied womenswear design at university and started my career designing womenswear collections for Burberry and Allsaints. After five years in the fashion industry, I felt that I would like a new challenge and had always loved flowers, and I felt that my design skills could translate into floristry. I enrolled upon the career change course at Mcqueens whilst also studying for a City and Guilds floristry qualification. I love the variety of each day as no two days are the same; Meeting clients discussing their briefs, going to the flower market and learning invaluable information from the wholesalers. I work with interior designers, fashion companies and private clients and adore building long-lasting relationships with them.

Table arrangement by Wild Wood London
Choosing Between Living And Faux Plants

What factors should a homeowner consider when decided if they should opt for real or faux plants?

I like to use real, faux and dried plants and flowers in homes and work closely with clients to select unique planters/ vases to complement the faux plants and interiors’ colours. It is a collaborative process. I like to take time to refine the overall aesthetic. Some areas of the house have very little light, so faux plants are ideal.

Faux plant arrangement by Charlotte Wood, Wild Wood London.
The Benefits Of Faux Plants

Aside from being maintenance-free, what are the benefits of faux plants?

They are the finishing touch to dressing your home and can lift the space plus it is just a one-off cost.

How can you ensure that they are of high quality, as some can easily look ‘cheap’?

I have spent years sourcing the best quality faux flowers and plants across the globe, and each arrangement I create by hand mixing in real Spanish moss elevate the overall aesthetic.

Wedding flowers by Wild Wood London. Wedding Flower Bouquet Wild Wood London.
Deciding On An Indoor Floral Arrangement For The Home

What is the first thing that should be considered when decided on an indoor floral arrangement for the home? E.g. colour scheme, size etc.

Proportions are so significant when choosing flowers or plants for your home. In terms of colours, I like them to either effortlessly blend into the surroundings or make a bold statement and act as a focal point.

What is the most memorable event you’ve ever worked on?

Installing a 3 metre by 3-metre flower wall in The Ritz for London Fashion Week was a highlight. It took five men and three panels for it to be complete, and I think I held my breath during the whole of the installation.

A luxury kitchen. The white ceiling adorned with skylights fills the space with natural light, illuminating the light grey stone floor. Along the back wall, dark wood joinery with kitchen cabinets and a built-in countertop with a sleek sink and a fish tank. Above the sink, shelves adorned with lush green plants. In the centre of the room, a kitchen island crafted from black slate tiles offers a functional workspace, with a built-in sink and hobs. Alongside the island, a dark wood dining table with benches, with a large potted plant adds a vibrant touch.

Collaborating With Interior Designers

You’ve collaborated with Designed by Woulfe in the past, can you tell us a bit about the process of collaborating with interior designers?

I love collaborating with interior designers. I usually start by requesting mood boards, including fabrics and colour schemes. Next, I either get sent CGI’s of the rooms or do a site visit to check proportions of the rooms, furniture and get a feel for the type of real or faux plants that would work in the space. I then provide a mood board with a breakdown of the rooms and test some plants in the rooms, evolving once they are in situ.

How would you suggest someone with no garden or terrace brings the outdoor in through plants and flowers?

Having a variety of plants in the kitchen enhances my mood. I like to have them in groupings of three and have a variety of heights and pot textures. A chic plant stand is also a great way to introduce plants into your home. I have two rubber plants in oversized wicker baskets one in my hallway, and one in my kitchen and they are incredibly sturdy and require very little maintenance.

Who is your dream client?

I love working with a variety of clients. The process I find works best for me is when there is a clear starting point but an ability to be flexible in its execution. Projects often evolve whilst I am working on them, or new products become available, or you find inspiration externally that enhances an area’s look.

Installing And Maintaining Window Boxes

Do you have any tips for installing and maintaining beautiful window boxes?

Window boxes are a lovely addition to a home. Choosing the plants depends on the level of maintenance you are willing to invest in them. I love skimmia as it is an evergreen shrub that gives year-round interest, especially in shady areas. Or you could also mix perennials, foliage plants and annual flowers, which can be updated as they fade and provide new interest for each season.

Indoor outdoor terrace Designed by Woulfe
Health Benefits Of Having Flowers And Plants In Your Home

What are the health benefits of having flowers and plants in the home? E.g. Air purification etc.

Having flowers and plants around the home improves your mood and reduces stress. They increase levels of positive energy and help people feel secure and relaxed. They also purify the air and provide subtle scents that are a lot healthier than toxic air fresheners. They can also help increase concentration and improve productivity so definitely place plants at your desk or the area you are currently working from home. They provide subtle momentary breaks away from tasks as we gaze at our plants during the day.

A Dining Room in a London Mews house featuring a Tom Faulkner Avalon dining table.
Choosing The Right Plants For Your Home Office Space

Which flowers or plants do you think are best for a home office space?

Succulents, Snake plants look great in a crackled glaze pot. An aloe plant works well if the desk is in a sunny area. Hanging plants add interest like a philodendron. Begonias have beautiful variegated leaves. Air plants are another obsession of mine and work well mixed with succulents in terrariums. For larger plants, areca is relatively low maintenance.

A close up shot showing the profile of a yellow upholstered chair, antique lamp and side table in the principle bedroom. This captivating close up image captures a 15-year-old family goldfish gracefully swimming in its fishbowl, placed delicately on a sleek metal kitchen surface. The surrounding dark wood joinery with its grey stone splashback exudes sophistication. Above the fishbowl, a shelf adorned with vibrant plants adds a touch of natural beauty and life to the scene.
Current Botanical Trends

Are there any botanical trends you are seeing in the interior design industry at the moment?

Fiddle leaf fig plants are a real statement house plant placed in a large wicker basket. Maidenhair ferns also look great on console tables. I have always adored olive trees, and I like to create an oasis on any outdoor space you have with a maximalist approach to plants.

Where is your favourite garden in London, and why?

I love Holland Park. I have created flowers for The Orangery, which overlooks the rose gardens, and there is often a peacock found commanding the grounds that looks magnificent. During the lockdowns, I have spent a lot of time outside as I have been craving nature.

Flower arrangement of Hydrangeas by Wild Wood London.

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