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Top Equipment Picks For Your Home Gym

Improving your sleep, boosting brain power, decreasing stress hormones, weight control, building stronger bodies – the advantages of physical exercise are endless.

Having some equipment at home, whether it’s simply a cardio machine or a fully-kitted-out gym, means you’ve got the convenience of being able to keep up with your fitness passions all year round. For more information and inspiration on designing your own wellness area, check out our article on luxury home gyms. [insert link] 

Here, we look at the latest luxury products that offer high-impact on both your body and your home-gym aesthetic. From handcrafted dumbbells to virtual cardio classes through a mirror, there’s an abundance of equipment options available for your home…


The Sprintbok Curved Treadmill

The NOHrD Sprintbok treadmill is fully powered by the user’s legs. Produced for beginners through to pro athletes the Sprintbok adapts to all running styles without any persistent motor noise. It boasts a handsome aesthetic combined with industry-leading functionality.

Sprintbox self powered treadmill

Stil-fit - A Powerful and Dynamic Row

The Stil-Fit Rower’s innovative design features a two-chamber water tank within the base, meaning you’ll hear the soothing sound of running water as you row. The unique design of this machine combines elements of luxury whilst providing a workout to improve both strength and endurance.

Stilfit rower water powered shown on decking

Ciclotte - The Minimalist Bike

An elegantly designed minimalist exercise bike, the Ciclotte Teckell boasts sophisticated mechanisms and high tech materials. With a contemporary design, this unique bike is Bluetooth-enabled and can be partnered with Kinomap to monitor your workout and keep you motivated.

The Ciclotte Teckell contemporary exercise bike for your home gym

The Escape Strongbox - Combining Functionality and Design

The Escape Strongbox is ideal for saving on floor space, with simple storage, ergonomic design and hundreds of exercise options. Holding 6 pairs of dumbbells along with other equipment, it holds everything you need for a functional training session. Plus, it adjusts to six different levels, supporting a wide variety of exercises.

Escape Fitness Strongbox offers storage and functionality

NOHrD Swing Bells - Increasing Performance and Resilience

The NOHrD Swing Bells are a modern variation of Kettlebells. With an iron granulate (pellets) filling, the Swing Bell shifts its center of gravity, extending the exercise motion beyond your arm. The result is targeted stimulation of your joints and muscles, increasing overall performance and resilience.

Nohrd swing bells displayed on a tall rack

The Mirror - Space-Saving Innovation

If you’re limited on space, multipurpose equipment such as The Mirror – an innovative almost invisible home gym – only require 2m of wallspace and offer a broad range of workout styles. Certified trainers from the country’s top fitness studios provide motivation and live feedback.

Woman using the Mirror for virtual yoga class in home gym

The WaterGrinder - A Complete Upper-Body Workout

The WaterGrinder simulates the motions of winching in sails, offering an effective and beautifully designed upper body workout machine. With the WaterGrinder you train your complete upper body and your cardiovascular system. The monitor controls your handle rotation, your heart rate, time and watt.

The water grinder for cardio in a luxury home gym

Exercise Wall - A 3-in-1 Fitness Wall with Virtual Trainer

The NOHrD Wall Compact is a full-body workout station using minimal space, providing strength and endurance training. Featuring NOHrD’s renowned high quality wooden elements, its dual design allows simultaneous strength training for a variety of muscle groups. Guiding you through each workout, the virtual coach is an interactive program on the built-in touchscreen.

Nohrd compact training wall for multipurpose training

PENT Dumbbells - Offering a Distinctive Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a personalised range of dumbbells, PENT offer luxury handcrafted customisable equipment like their COLMIA range. Built from American walnut, stainless steel, and genuine leather, this thoughtfully crafted set is sure to make a design statement in any home gym.

Handcrafted dumbbells from Pent's Colmia range in wood and metal

Peloton Bike - Immersive and Addictive Cardio

Perfect for those who love the competition of studio cycling classes, but with 24/7 access so you can access classes according to your schedule. With around 1.5 million users in the UK alone, you can filter your workouts by music, instructor, difficulty and more, finding the perfect workout for you. Anyone who follows our socials or newsletter will know that our founder, Brian Woulfe, is a Peloton addict. 

Man using a pelaton bike in his luxury home gym

FYSIK - Bespoke Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Storage Racks and More

Made from classic materials such as stainless steel, genuine leather and solid wood – gym equipment from FYSIK blurs the lines between design and art and unites function and form in unprecedented ways, giving each piece significant presence and purpose.

Assorted luxury bespoke gym equipment from FYSIK

Effe Saunas - Custom-Built Relaxation

Saunas are a great way to unwind and reconnect the body and mind – the perfect indulgence at the end of a long day. Benefits of a sauna include relaxation by reducing nervous tension and anxiety, and detoxification as the body eliminates acids and toxins from the skin through sweating. EFFE offer custom-built high-quality home saunas to suit individual needs.

Luxury home sauna by Effe in a contemporary property

The Peloton Tread - Far More Than Just a Treadmill

The Peloton Tread offers a class for every day and a workout for every muscle. With both live virtual and on-demand classes, the Tread motivates users to out-do others in their class, pushing you to go further and faster – just like the Peloton Bike. And just like the Bike, the Tread is both slick and sturdy in design. Plus, the more premium packages come with weights and resistance bands for users to take advantage of the full range of virtual exercise classes.

Using the Peloton treadmill for other exercise classes

Hock Robusto Wood Training Weights - Luxurious and Simple

Luxurious and simple, these training weights are designed for toning muscles and lightweight workouts. Crafted from the highest quality sustainably sourced walnut, these weights fit snugly in the palm of your hand with a steel core turned to precisely the right weight.

Ideal for use in a broad range of exercise, including shadow boxing, walking, jogging, gymnastics, stretching and fitness training.

Hock wood handheld weights

Stil-Fit Ab Trainer - Simple and Sophisticated Design

The minimalist and sophisticated design means this piece of equipment will look great anywhere in the house. The trainer ensures you exercise correctly whilst stabilising and stretching your muscles. Manufactured with walnut plywood, the Stil-Fit Ab trainer features a synthetic leather cushion for comfort.

The stilfit ab trainer being used in a home gym

GM Wooden Plyo Box - Versatile Functional Training

This Wooden Plyo Box is made-to-order with premium materials to the client’s requirements. Improving your speed and power, its 3-in-1 design makes it incredibly versatile, with three height options. Jumps, step ups and upper body exercises can all be performed for a full body workout.

The custom wooden boxes for exercise

NOHrD CombiTrainer - The Perfect Multi-Use Accessory

This combi-trainer truly maximises the variety of ways you can exercise, effectively working all muscle groups thanks to the variable sitting and prone positions. Using your bodyweight as resistance, it comes with a sliding bench, comfortable black leather pad and a full cable system. You can vary the degree of difficulty for bodyweight resistance simply by using a lower or higher bar, on the wall bars, to secure the bench.

Nohrd combitrainer for sit ups that fixes to the wall Nohrd combitrainer with pulley system for home gym

Technogym MyCycling - Simulates Real Cycling

This innovative piece of equipment simulates the natural feeling of cycling on the road, with 18 weeks worth of personalised training sessions. Its design guarantees pedalling resistance, maximum quality and stability and features a torque sensor so you can accurately monitor your power. This is definitely one for serious cycling enthusiasts.

Technogym mycycling equipment that offers real road experience

Ubarre - Stylish Home Decor and Gym Piece

Design and leisure company Equipt now boast a range of fitness products including clothing and ballet barres, but they began with one core piece – the Ubarre. Fusing functionality and design, Ubarre is used in hotels and studios around the world. Offering a contemporary aesthetic, these chic show-stoppers are high-design alternative to conventional free-weights.

Ubarre is a handheld weight that can be used as stylish home decor Ubarre is a handheld weight that can be used as stylish home decor

Concept2 SkiErg - An Intense Cardio Workout

Designed to simulate the motion of Nordic skiing this machine will get your heart racing and blood pumping, delivering one of the toughest workouts around. Durable and well-built, the SkiErg features an advanced monitor that provides immediate, accurate performance data.

Skierg cardio ski equipment

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