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Interior Design Questions to Consider Before Redesigning Your Home

It goes without saying that redesigning your home’s interior is a significant endeavour—though of course, it can also be incredibly worthwhile and rewarding. To ensure the results are as satisfying as possible, there are a number of key questions to answer before beginning an interior redesign project.  

This is true even—in fact, especially—if you enlist expert support throughout the process. The answers to these questions give the experts working to create your ideal home the information and guidance they need to make it perfectly suited to your preferences and requirements.

Architectural Context

The architectural context of a home often establishes a framework upon which other design considerations build.  A trusted design partner can help a client understand exactly how their chosen space can be redesigned to suit their interior design needs—or indeed, help evaluate a potential property before it’s purchased.

For example, Is the existing space a listed building or are there other restrictions on what can be done with the space?  Are there particularly interesting architectural elements to highlight or make the most of? What spatial and structural considerations are there? What environmental or contextual considerations should be taken into account—is the home part of a conservation area, or in distinctive natural surroundings for example?

Victorian Irish detached family home.


What is the purpose of the space?  Why is the interior being redesigned—is it down to aesthetics or are functional improvements required?  How will the resulting space be used?  

Is it a main residence, or perhaps a holiday home or pied a terre?  A family home, or retirement retreat? A country estate for welcoming frequent guests—or for a much-needed getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life?  An urban sanctuary for unwinding from a demanding schedule—or for impressive entertaining in a work hard/play hard lifestyle?

Every client’s answer is as unique as their personality and circumstances.  That’s why Brian Woulfe and his team create intuitive, trusting and understanding relationships with each client—this is essential to achieving a satisfying result. 

Aiveen Daly samples

Timeframes & Longevity

Is this a home for the longer or shorter term?  Is it used most of the time, or only some of the time?  What life changes or milestones might reasonably be anticipated that might affect how the house is used? An expanding family, growing children, changing professional circumstances, retirement, and the many other twists, shifts and turns of life could play a part in determining the approach to redesigning the interior design of a home.

Walnut joinery creates a warm focal point in the corner of the principle bedroom.


Beyond functionality, an ideal residence will look and feel like home to its residents.   

Most of us have some sense of the usual ways of describing style—traditional, modern, minimalist.  But true, bespoke luxury is much more nuanced than that.  It is completely personal and potentially quite eclectic, with the unifying factor being the homeowner’s unique preferences, character, and background.  

There is no right or wrong here, and one’s defined style doesn’t have to fit into any established guidelines or predefined categories.  While using imagery is particularly effective, style can also be communicated by using other points of reference—films, music, art, cities, cultures, even cultural icons. It’s the designer’s job to bring it all together into a beautifully cohesive home.

Omma Santorini Hotel Minimalist Interiors

The Human Element

Who will be spending time in the home, and how?  What is important to them? Spa-like bathrooms?  A gourmet kitchen?  A library or reading nook?  Space for hobbies or professional requirements?  

How often will guests be visiting the home?  And for what purpose? Does the space need to accommodate intimate gatherings, or grand celebrations?   Garden parties?  Family movie nights? Incorporating entertaining needs—such as seating, flow and entertainment systems—when redesigning an interior design can mean much greater enjoyment of a home over time.   

Other than guests and residents, who else might regularly visit the home? If the homeowners will have regular help with gardening, housekeeping or the children, how can the home be organised to more easily accommodate this?

And which areas of a home will experience the most demanding use and greatest levels of traffic?   Materials and finishes can be chosen accordingly to keep the home looking beautiful and luxurious over the years

Bar and games room lounge area with purple sofas.


Today, technology can be incorporated into virtually every aspect of a home, from lighting and security to climate control and entertainment. The potential convenience is undeniable, and many clients feel an enhanced sense of luxury through seamless integration of advanced technology throughout their home. It’s advisable to consider to what extent this appeals and specifically how, so that these features can be incorporated into the interior design from the beginning. 

Bespoke sofa for home cinema in period villa.

Art, Collectibles & Craftsmanship

If you’re an art aficionado or enthusiastic collector—or indeed, would like to be one—how might this influence the redesign of your home?  Are there particular pieces to showcase?  Would you like to accommodate potential future acquisitions?  

Perhaps you’d like to explore including more fine art in your home and would appreciate guidance on curating your choices. At Designed by Woulfe, we have particular experience and expertise in sourcing wonderful artwork from up and coming creators.   

Beyond the pieces themselves, how artwork is displayed is important—lighting, spatial arrangement, and architectural context must all be considered.   

In redesigning an interior design scheme, it’s also beneficial to look beyond paintings and sculpture.  Exquisite tilework, stonework, mosaics and other decorative elements from skilled artisan craftspersons can all add depth of creative character to a home.


Redesigning a home is an ideal time to consider how to make it more environmentally conscious and sustainable.   Whether through functional aspects such as energy efficiency and water management, design practices such as recycling and repurposing, or the thoughtful selection of appliances, materials and finishes, today there is considerable scope for designing a sophisticated home with a conscience.

Mater sustainable products

Outdoor Living & Environmental Context

The role of outdoor space is another important question to consider in redesigning a home’s interior.  

Is there a garden, or perhaps a rooftop terrace?  What is the larger environmental context?  Is it an urban oasis?  A country house nestled in distinctive surroundings? Is the outdoor space to be used for entertaining, recreation, simple relaxation? 

What indoor spaces connect with—or could be connected with—the outdoors? Does the kitchen need easy access for outdoor dining? Is a boot room needed to accommodate the accoutrements of country walks?  Would it be useful to have a changing area nearby the pool or hot tub?

 A home’s potential for enjoyment can be considerably enhanced by including the outdoor elements in the interior design scheme, seamlessly blending the boundaries between indoors and out.

Outdoor Entertaining Area at Spur Point Mansion in Haslemere, Surrey

The Redesign Process

The redesign of your home’s interior design can be an immensely satisfying process, however involved you might like to be. 

The beauty of working with experienced and accomplished designers like the experts at Designed by Woulfe is that each client is known and understood as the uniquely individual person they are—and this is reflected in the home that is ultimately created.  

So, you can rest assured that whether you prefer to be deeply involved or completely hands-off, at the end of the process a home will have come to life that truly reflects your personality, taste and lifestyle.

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