The Fundamentals of Art: Brian Woulfe, Moderator

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The Fundamentals of Art: Brian Woulfe, Moderator

The Fundamentals of Art

Panel discussion on the logistical, business and ethical factors interior designers should be considering beyond just the purchase of an artwork, in this ever-changing world of Pandemics and Brexits.

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Decorex International

Decorex is the world-famous London Interior Design Show, bringing together top interior designers, furniture makers, lighting designers, artists and craftspeople to showcase their products and brands. This year, 2020, it will be fully hosted online.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 17 November

Time: 11.30 am

Panellists: Brian Woulfe (Moderator), Tova Ossad, Giovanni Sard, Renata Kaminker. Interior Designers are always expected to incorporate art into their designs, but now that the world is changing and there is even less interaction in forums such as art fairs, this panel will address the basics of what interior designers should be considering beyond just the purchase of an artwork.


Art Insurance, Transport & Conservation

By speaking with experts in the fields of transport, insurance, and conservation, attendees can gain further perspective on what to consider after you or your client decides that they want to purchase a piece of art.

Questions will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Is insurance a one-size-fits-all model?
  • What is the effect of Brexit on transport and insurance?
  • How can I tell the difference between a helpful condition report and an ineffective one?
  • What are my options if I do not want my art in my home anymore?
Interior Designer

Brian Woulfe

Brian Woulfe founded multi award-winning London interior design studio Designed by Woulfe. With over a decade’s experience he has overseen projects throughout Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific regions creating modern, classic designs reflecting his intrinsic understanding of the international property market. He is passionate about creating comfortable, luxurious yet playful interiors.

Tova Ossad of Ossad Art Management
Art Management Consultant

Tova Ossad

Tova Ossad is the founder of Ossad Art Management, a bespoke registrar and art transport consultancy. working with clients who require specific logistical and managerial expertise for their national and international transports. In addition, they specialise in the import and export of art from the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States, administration of Temporary Admissions accounts, British and European customs procedures and planning for the UK's exit from the EU.

Giovanni Sard of Lonmart Insurance
Account Executive

Giovanni Sard

Giovanni Sard is an Account Executive representing Lonmart Insurance. Lonmart specialises in insurance for high value homes, with their offering of fine art insurance, jewellers block insurance and general specie insurance (for valuable items in transit).

Renata Kaminker of Fine Art Solutions
Art & Antiquities Conservator

Renata Kaminker

Renata Kaminker of Fine Art Solutions brings her expertise in managing all issues related to heritage preservation, inventory, due diligence and title research, and technical analysis of fine art collections. With the rise of fakes and forgeries in the art and antiquities world, the increasing need to have proper documentation for insurance and legal purposes, and the ever-growing issues related to taking care of an existing collection, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required.