The Expansive and Elevating Impact of Bespoke Joinery in Interior Design

Using bespoke joinery in the interior design of a home is not a superficial indulgence—it’s an intelligent, sophisticated investment.  Much like custom-tailored clothing, it’s the ultimate in luxury because its perfect blend of form and function means authentic, timeless comfort, utility and aesthetics.

What is bespoke joinery in interior design?

The term bespoke joinery refers to the creation of custom-made, tailored, and individually crafted wooden elements, fittings, and furniture within a specific space. This specialised form of woodworking involves the design and construction of unique pieces that are created to fit a particular environment, often in response to the specific requirements and preferences of the client. 

Each piece or project is one-of-a-kind and made to order. Examples of bespoke joinery include custom-built cabinets, wardrobes, bookshelves, built-in seating, and decorative elements such as panelling. 

Bespoke joinery is a fundamental element of interior design and architecture for its ability to provide specific and highly functional solutions that simultaneously elevate the overall look and feel of a space.

What are the benefits of using bespoke joinery in interior design?

Bespoke joinery allows for a high degree of customization in a space. Every piece is designed and crafted according to the client’s unique specifications, measurements, and design preferences.  It’s a wonderful example of the benefits of having an intuitive, collaborative relationship between interior designer and client.

With bespoke joinery, the craftsperson works from a completely blank canvas.  Each and every element of the piece or project can be customised—from the overall size and shape, to the placement of any shelves, to the functionality of the doors, to the depth of the drawers and the shape of the handles.  The materials, colours and finishes can be exactly specified, as can any lighting requirements.

This level of detail means that bespoke joinery can be the perfect solution for especially tricky design challenges, such as unique architectural features, interesting spatial configurations or petite proportions.  This individualised approach ensures that the joinery integrates seamlessly with the surrounding architecture and décor—making the most of the space and making exactly the desired aesthetic impact.

Commissioning bespoke joinery usually means nearly complete freedom of choice in the type of wood and other materials used, as well as colour and finish. This choice allows for the selection of materials that align with the client’s aesthetic preferences, the overall interior design scheme, and any functional considerations such as durability for high-touch pieces and high-traffic areas.  The results can be a stylish solution that’s exactly suited to its place in the home, enhancing the sense of synchronicity, coordination and cohesiveness in the space.

Using bespoke joinery in interior design presents a wonderful opportunity to incorporate a meaningful element of skilled craftsmanship in a space, with an emphasis on attention to detail, precision and specific style. It can also be a highly sustainable option, with mindfully selected materials and an emphasis on longevity, timelessness, and the long-term value added to both the space and quality of life.

How can bespoke joinery be used in interior design?

Designing a home is ultimately about balance—creating a space that’s both beautiful and comfortable, functional and luxurious.  Above all, it’s about meeting the unique and specific needs of the homeowner, whether that’s a place to work or relax, to entertain or to retreat, for solitude, socialising or sustaining a busy family life.

The beauty of bespoke joinery is that it can create a space that supports any of those needs, or indeed all of them, in a way that’s entirely individual and customised.  This could include creating built-in storage solutions, customising cabinetry, or enhancing unique architectural features—from walk-in wardrobes and built in displays, to cocktail cabinets and media units, bespoke joinery can make the most of an interesting nook or add useful storage just where it’s needed.  It can make a busy space feel calm and inviting without compromising ease and function, as well as elevate the overall look, feel and style of a space. This incredibly personalised approach can also inject a sense of storytelling into an interior design, creating an environment that exactly reflects the character, lifestyle and personality of its inhabitants.

Here are a few examples of how bespoke joinery can be used in interior design throughout a home:


Create custom cabinetry exactly suited to the functional and spatial needs of the kitchen, whilst at the same time enhancing the overall visual character. In this space that’s the hub of many homes, multifunctional pieces such as cosy reading nooks created from useful storage benches, can be particularly effective.


Custom cabinetry shines again here, offering concealed storage and multifunctional appeal.


Multimedia units are a fantastic use of bespoke joinery in a living area and can be built to blend in or stand out as desired. They can be exactly configured to the entertainment preferences of the client, whether that’s showcasing a collection or secreting away the television.


Custom drinks cabinets, perfectly proportioned consoles, uniquely curated collections on display… bespoke joinery offers plenty of options for elevating the experience of entertaining at home.


A bespoke built-in wardrobe configuration can completely transform a bedroom, making optimum use of space to keep things sleek and calm.  Bespoke joinery can also be instrumental in adding luxurious functionality, whether that’s a perfect spot to tuck away reading materials or carving out a full dressing area.


In a busy family home, a hallway or entryway lined with perfectly proportioned cupboards that contain the chaos and add stylish character is a practical luxury that’s hard to overvalue. 


Bespoke joinery can make all the difference in a home office that is not only functional and practical, but comfortable and enjoyable to use.   


Wood panelling—such as a feature wall, room divider, or custom headboard—is a unique and luxurious way to add texture, character and dimension to a space.

Below, please explore a selection of our projects featuring a variety of examples of bespoke joinery in interior design, as well as Design Journal interviews with some wonderful craftspeople from our exceptional network of artisan affiliates and other expert creative resources.


Period Conversion on Spectacular Communal Gardens

This Little Venice period conversion underwent a full, back-to-brick makeover. Tired, aged interiors with fantastic potential were lifted and given a refreshed lease of life. We coordinated the design schemes from room to room to ensure synchronicity and cohesiveness between spaces. High-end, high-spec interiors still feel lived in and personable, with bespoke shelves displaying sentimental items lovingly collected by the owner. During the renovation project, ample time was spent visiting stone yards and selecting the perfect wood stains for joinery. The finished result is a warm, inviting home that feels decadent yet comforting, with natural materials such as marble and wood used throughout.

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Period Villa Family Home

We carried out a full refurbishment and FF&E specification for this stunning North West London property, located in the leafy neighbourhood of St John’s Wood. The semi-detached white stucco home has a charming and classic exterior and internally, comprises over 400-square metres of living space. The traditional-style architectural details of the property included large windows which allowed for plenty of natural light into the living spaces.

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Old Baptist Chapel Conversion

Located in the heart of one of England’s iconic seaside towns is this former Baptist Chapel, with spectacular panoramic views over the harbour and Kingsland Estuary. Our interior design studio carried out a complete renovation and refurbishment on this unique four-bedroom home for a returning client. Set in the hills against a coastal backdrop, Managing Director Brian Woulfe saw the potential in this project from the moment he visited the site.

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A Cocktail Lounge-Inspired Living Room With Bespoke Finishes

The living room of this three-bedroom late-Edwardian home in St John’s Wood draws from art deco and 1920s design influences with a mid-century modernist twist. Bold geometric forms, luxe materials such as marble and limestone, and gold accents work together to create a space that is luminous, elegant and memorable.


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  • Interviews

A Conversation With Byron & Gomez

For Charles Byron and Maria Gomez of bespoke furniture brand Byron & Gomez, every handcrafted piece they make begins with a story to tell. The Somerset-based duo creates unique designs for private clients, interior designers and architects, and recently completed a piece commissioned by Designed by Woulfe for a private residential client. In this conversation, we discuss the importance of storytelling through design and why sustainability matters.

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A Luxury New York Penthouse’s Sophisticated Principal Bedroom

With unbeatable views over Manhattan, this modish-inspired bedroom we designed is a sanctuary of calm suspended above the city. Distinguishable areas for sleeping, working and enjoying some down-time make it an inviting place to relax, reflect and recharge. Statement furnishings include bevelled mirrors, rosewood bedside cabinets and a vintage wingback armchair that’s perfect for curling up with a book.

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A London Family Home’s Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Effortless and understated interiors in this sleek principal bedroom make an impact without feeling contrived. Plenty of wood – hardwood floors and a custom walnut floating headboard – feel neutral and natural, while metallic accents and luxury soft furnishings add a touch of elegance. Multi-level lighting enhances the bedroom’s calming and soothing ambience.

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British Homes Awards – Finalist

Designed by Woulfe is proud to be a Finalist for The British Homes Awards 2020 for our project in Doria Rd, Fulham, London.

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A Classic Bedroom with an Enchanting Feel

This modern, classic bedroom is small but perfectly formed. Set within a multi-award winning property, the interiors we have created here show how an efficient use of space doesn’t have to mean compromising on style.

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Mid-Century Design Family Home

Working with Pascal Huser, our team carried out a complete back-to-brick refurbishment and extension to transform this private residential property into an inner-city sanctuary suitable for both relaxing and entertaining in.

The mid-century modern design scheme for this family home in south-west London is seamlessly reflected throughout the interior and exterior.

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